How to choose a sewing machine?

In Creator Studio, we have been looking for ways to expand our catalog so you can find everything you need for your projects!

Today we are going to talk about how to choose a domestic sewing machine. There are three important points that you should take into account: your budget, what is it what you want to sew and what are your skills when it comes to using a sewing machine.

Once you have the answers to each of these three questions, you can start looking for the perfect sewing machine for you. 

The price

The price of the machine varies according to its characteristics; you can find sewing machines of well-known brands, which do not become obsolete over time, at affordable prices. 

To define the amount you are willing to spend, you should also consider your level of expertise. Indeed, machines for beginners are normally cheaper, so if you have experience in sewing already, you will eventually need a more complete machine to be able to make all the projects you have in mind. 

Material and workload

If you are not a beginner, you already have a good idea of what material you use the most and how often you use your machine. You know already that it is not the same to sew thin cotton as a denim fabric; that is why it is important to consider if the machine you are buying will be able to work with thick fabrics and if it will be able to withstand a hard day of sewing.

To know the volume of total work, you must identify the time you spend in front of the machine and the purpose of your projects, that is:

  1. If you use your machine only to make minor alterations to clothing or for making decorations for your home such as tablecloths and light curtains, a simple sewing machine is enough for you, since you do not require a large number of stitches or work with very heavy fabrics.

  1. If sewing is your hobby and you use your sewing machine very regularly for personal projects, such as decorations or gifts, you need a machine with a good number of stitches, which allows you to work with heavy fabrics.
  2. Even though you are passionate about sewing, it is no longer just your hobby since you decided to start a sewing business, either for alterations, to make clothes, to make curtains with heavy fabrics, uniforms for a whole classroom, etc. In this case, you should acquire a semi-professional sewing machine that counts with a lot of different functions that you can use to work with all types of fabrics.

It is always good to consider the stitches offered by each type of machine, the most frequently used stitches are zig-zag stitch, stretch stitch and invisible stitch.

Mechanical or electronic

In our first post "Sewing machines and their characteristics", you will find more insights on the pros and cons of mechanical and electronic machines. On one hand, the mechanical machine has knobs to select the stitch, another knob for the width and another for the length of the stitch. On the other hand, an electronic machine has a keyboard through which you select the stitches and other functions of the machine, as well as it has a panel where you can see each option. The differences are in terms of comfort and operation; but not in durability or quality.

Real user reviews

Last but not least, reading the reviews from other users can be very helpful for making the final decision. Nowadays it is very easy to access this information; we can find it on e-commerce pages or even on YouTube tutorials. 

We hope you find this information very useful; in Creator Studio we have a wide variety of sewing and embroidery machines, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email for anything you may need.

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