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Do you like sewing, embroidery or crafts? This is of interest to you.

Crafts Affiliate Program

Do you like sewing, embroidery or crafts? Then Creator Studio Mexico's Affiliate and Partner program is for you - we help content creators, advertisers, bloggers and enthusiasts earn money from their visitors and expertise.

How does it work?

1. Register for free

Join hundreds of creators, authors and bloggers who are already making money with the Creator Studio Affiliate Program. Create your free account today.

2. Recommend products

Share the products you use with your audience. We have link customization tools so you can easily share it in your publication, blog or social networks.

3. Earn money

Offer exclusive discounts to your audience and earn up to 10% in commissions for the purchases they sign up for. Our competitive commissions will help you maximize revenue.

Recommend and earn, it is a win win situation

I love to be able to share with my followers what I like to do and to be able to recommend such a specialized portal like Creator Studio is.

Ana G.

I have been creating Youtube videos for a long time now where I show my skills, and this program helps me to earn some extra money.

Camila L.

This type of initiative allow people in my community to come together and develop new skills.

Sam G.

Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Solve all your doubts about our affiliate program and how it can help you earn money with your content.

How can I sign up and how much is it?

To get started, all you have to do is sign up to start generating your affiliate link and sharing it with your audience through social media. Registration is completely free and comes with no strings attached. For more information about the account, click the link below.

Register for free

What kind of recommendation should I make?

Recommendations can be of our website or of a specific product. You can share products with your audience thanks to customized linking tools that associate the visitor with your affiliate account. It can be a mention in a post, a blog article or Youtube video, a message on Whatsapp or on a Facebook group.

Learn more about referrals

How do I earn money with the program and how are payments made?

You will receive revenue from the affiliate purchases and for the potential clients you bring to Creator Studio. The advertising commissions vary according to the category to which the product belongs. At the end of each period, payments are made to the account attached to your profile.

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